Despite the objective difficulty of finding affordable rates, it is always possible to ask for a salary assignment to get the loan out of the bank, if we really can’t avoid asking for additional money for our expenses.

Another solution to save money could be to look for the most advantageous personal loan online

Another solution to save money could be to look for the most advantageous personal loan online

Where perhaps we might be able to find a particularly convenient offer.

Moreover, since the time for the ceremonies is approaching with the spring and, as we well know, to present oneself empty-handed is not acceptable, for some it could really materialize the necessity to subscribe a loan to bear the expense of an exorbitant gift of the wedding.

In fact, in this article we have decided to compare the cheapest for this purpose, using the free Super Money price comparator. As other parameters, we have chosen to imagine that we are an employee of the private sector, not protest, which requires 7 thousand euros to be repaid in three years.

The online portal, in a few seconds, produced a list of results among which we isolate the first three most advantageous, according to the parameters we have entered: the first in the ranking is Loan which provides a for 10.99 % and a Tan rate of 10.45%. At the end of the amortization period, we would have repaid 8190 euros, having paid 36 monthly installments of 227.5 euros each.

In the second place, we offer 11.45% and an of 10.90%: after having returned to the financial in question 36 monthly installments of 228.8 euros, we would have spent a total of 8.254 euros.

On the third step of the  Easy-Medium Loan at 14.49% and at 11.99%


With an installment of 232.5 euros a month we will return to the bank, at the end of the amortization, 8,560 euros.

As always, when subscribing to a loan, the careful evaluation of the contract and the leaflet is a must to always be aware of the proposed conditions and to avoid incurring in unpleasant surprises when paying the first installment.