The loan was presented under the Wera brand. You can also find it under the name Statue bank. The main founder of this banking product is Československá obchodní bank as One of the very pleasant facts is that wera can be settled through all branches of the Czech Statue, which are more than 3,000 in the Czech Republic.


Get money one time


If you request a loan for Wera, the money will be promptly paid after its approval. This step is implemented by a one-time non-cash transfer to the client’s bank account. This must be either with CSOB or with Wera. You can also set up real-life pay-back insurance to help protect you from unwanted life situations.


Bet on high availability

loan availability

Earn an affordable loan through an online application and enjoy maximum transparency of installment terms and overall flexibility. You have the loan set to your image.


Payout table

Payout table

Loan amount: CZK 20,000 Repayment time: 12 months Fee: 1 767 CZK Interest *: 10.9% RPSN *: 11.5% Total *: 21,204

Loan amount: 50 000 CZK Repayment time: 24 months Charge: 2 329 CZK Interest *: 10.9% RPSN *: 11.5% Total *: 55 896 CZK

Loan amount: 100 000 CZK Repayment time: 36 months Fee: 3 130 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 112 680 CZK

Loan amount: 250 000 CZK Repayment time: 48 months Charge: 6 092 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: CZK 292,416

Loan amount: 500 000 CZK Repayment time: 60 months Charge: 10,115 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 606 900 CZK

Loan amount: 800 000 CZK Repayment time: 96 months Fee: 11 269 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 1 081 824 CZK

It was a loan of CZK 100,000 with a maturity of 5 years bringing very interesting repayment terms. You can get an interest rate of 7.9% and an APR of 8.2%. This is a prerequisite for monthly repayments of CZK 2,023. You will be paid a total of 121,380 CZK.


frequent questions

Does the loan provide any free services? Yes, you can freely reduce and increase monthly installments, pay extra payments, or simply postpone any repayment.

You do not pay for management, administration, settlement and early repayment.

What is the maximum maturity of the loan? The longest installment period can be chosen for 8 years. What papers do I have to submit for positive approval?

There are two IDs and a regular income receipt. Loan Amount 20 000 – 800 000 CZK Maturity 12 – 96 months Interest from 6.9% RPSN from 6.9%